Fast Food of Death

Here is the original assignment.

Step 1 – Acquiring Two Images

To combine two images together, you first must have two images. Find two images that would overlay well together from an online source or from your personal media collection. Below are the two images I acquired.

Blue Screen of Death in Windows 9x
Two less-than-healthy burgers with fries!

Step 2 – Acquiring / Opening GIMP

Download GIMP here. Follow the instructions of the site and/or the accompanying installer to install GIMP.

Open GIMP. The interface should appear similar to the image below.

The initial GIMP interface, composed of toolbox (left), console (middle), and layers (right) sub-windows.

Step 3 – Opening As Layers

In the console, go to File -> Open As Layers. Then, multi-select the images you want to combine (CTRL + left click to multi-select). Select Open.

Open As Layers

Step 4 – Adjusting The Opacity

In the Layers sub-window, select the image you would like to act as an overlay by left clicking the item. Above, you will see an opacity slider. Modify the value from 100 be a value around 50. This has the effect of blending the two images together.


Step 5 – Moving The Overlay

Adjust the location of the overlay by changing to the Move Tool. Select the Move Tool by clicking on the image of two intersected lines, highlighted in the image below. Once selected, you may drag and drop the overlay to change its location respective to the background image.

GIMP Toolbox

Step 6 – Exporting The Image

Once you are satisfied with the combined image, go to File -> Export As. Give the new image a name, and click Export. A followup menu will appear asking details about the requested quality of the new image. Select Export to save the image.



Here is the image I created during this tutorial. It features the blue-screen of death overlaid on top of an image of fast food. This image depicts human-death as a result of eating fast food. This is parallels when a computer crashes as a result of poor maintenance. 

Thanks for reading! Good luck on creating a combined image using GIMP!

How To Be Demotivational

Here is the original assignment.

I used a Demotivational Poster Generator to create my own demotivational poster.

Step 1 – Visit The Site

You will see the following interface. This is the default template for a demotivational poster. The tools on the right side of the screen allow for the toggling and customization of various settings.

The default interface

Step 2 – Acquire An Image

This will be the centerpiece of the demotivational poster. Download an image online, or acquire an image you have on your personal media.


Step 3 – Upload The Image

Do this by clicking Upload Image, located at the top right of the interface. You then select the image from the file explorer of your computer, and click Open.

Upload Image
Uploading an image on Windows

Step 4 – Modify Title & Caption

Do this by entering text into the corresponding fields in the interface titled Title of Poster and Caption.

To see the changes you’ve made, click Update Text, located at the bottom of the interface.

After Upload
Title and caption have been modified

Step 5 – Alter Orientation (optional)

Do this by clicking on the Orientation buttons, located near the top right of the interface.

The option P (Portrait) rearranges the poster to be narrower, while the option L (Landscape) rearranges the poster to be wider.

The poster in portrait mode

Step 6 – Modify Font & Colors (optional)

Do this by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the interface. For example, you may turn the standard white font & border colors to red, as pictured below.

The font may be changed by selecting a new font on the Font drop-down. For example, you may change the font from Standard to Army, as pictured below.

Adjusting Settings
Poster with modified font & border colors

Step 7 – Download & Sharing

You are finished editing your poster! Click Share or Download Parody to initiate the download sequence. You must then click Download immediately afterward. You also have the option to share the poster on Twitter.

Download Parody


Here is the final image:


Thanks for reading! Good luck on creating your own demotivational poster!

Cloud and Tifa

Here is the original assignment.

Romantic picture of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy Seven.
Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII.

They were best friends as kids. They told stories, and made promises to one another. All was fine until the war began. Cloud joined the military so Tifa would notice him; this is an important memory to him.

Tifa: Talk to me. About anything, some important memory to you… Now that you mention it, why did you want to join SOLDIER in the  first place 

Cloud: ……I was devastated. ……I wanted to be noticed 

Tifa: Someone has to notice you…? ……who?  Who………? 

Cloud: ……You know who! ……You, that’s who.”

Separated, the two live separate lives. It is until support a military resistance group, titled AVALANCHE, that they see each other again. They fought alongside each other and friends on their quest to stop the destruction of their world. There is a moment when the two fall into the earth’s energy and become aware of their feelings toward one another.

Cloud and Tifa, falling into the Lifestream of the planet, realizing their feelings toward one another.

Throughout their journey, Cloud has lost many of his memories. Tifa is the only character who remembers the promise he made to her as children, and who Cloud really is.



They end up saving the world together, among friends. The following passage (from Case of Tifa) summarizes their love for one another:

As Tifa looked away from the sky towards the ground, she was fearful of the future. However, Cloud beside her chose to smile gently. It was a smile that she hadn’t seen before during their journey. Cloud noticed her gaze and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Cloud, you’re smiling.”

“I am?”


“It all starts now. A new…”

Cloud looked for the right words.

“A new life.”

“I’m going to live. I think that’s the only way I can be forgiven. All sorts of things… happened.”

“That’s right…”

“But when I think about how many times I’ve thought about how I was going to start a new life, it’s funny.”


“Because I’ve always failed everything.”

“That’s not funny.”

“After this … I think I’ll be okay.”

Cloud was silent for a long time before he spoke again.

“Because I have you this time.”

“You’ve always had me.”

“What I mean is kind of different,” Cloud answered with another smile.


I found this GIF online of the two, showing how much they care for each other:

cloud & tifa

In order to make a remix of this, I created a new image using an editing tool. Here is the remake:


This effect takes the original image and duplicates it with a horizontal offset. Both images are then colored differently (red and blue).

This remade image is captivating because Tifa is injured, and this shifted image resembles what someone might see if they were injured. Life could be over in a moment, and this image captures that quality.


The above remake was accomplished using the following steps:

  1. Create two layers using your editing tool.
  2. Load the image into each layer.
  3. Apply a color-filter to each layer.
  4. Apply 50% transparency to each layer.
  5. Drag one layer horizontally until you’re satisfied with the result.
  6. Save!

Fifi and the Flowertots

I had to create an album cover for a make-believe band. I followed these instructions.

Fifi and the Flowertots: a trout in the milk

The assignment required little or no skill, and suggested that we copy images that had copyright licenses. I followed the instructions because I’d rather to go to jail than not do this assignment as specified. I opened up the image in Microsoft Paint, then added the band-name and album-name.

You can imagine there being a couple of garden gnomes partying inside that shed. Fifi, their leader, recently brought back a trout from the sea to share with them. One of the gnomes discovers that trout, when placed in milk, tastes even more delicious.

This album explores the more whimsical side of Fifi and the Flowertots. Their previous album, The Fall of DS106, was a bit more serious, although still fan-favored. On that CD was the single, “Gone with the Wahl”, which had charted the top 10 during its opening week.

Car Love

My girlfriend and I would always watch the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. We liked the show a lot, so we named our cars after two of the characters.

My car Mordecai is on the left, while her car Benson is on the right. Below are our two cars ‘kissing’.

Mordecai and Margaret

Below are the characters from the show. You may have seen them before.


Moredecai from Regular Show





You might have been picturing Benson and Moredcai kissing instead. I’ve got your covered with an image I found online.

Mordecai and Benson kissing


Anyway, this post created in order to satisfy an a visual assignment found here. We had to take a photograph, and omit all colors in it except for one or two spots that we wanted to stand out.

I chose this picture because it was one of the only pictures I had taken that had two pure colors. My other pictures were very patterned and did not have an interesting subject to make stand out.

In order to make this “color splash” technique, I used the website Fotor. This site allows you to do all sorts of image editing from within your web browser.

To create the splash effect, I uploaded my photo to Fotor, clicked the effects tab on the left, then clicked the “Color Splash” effect. I then chose to make a high contrast background, and finally had to trace the parts of the image I wanted to have color.

Below is a screenshot of the user-interface of Fotor. Thanks for reading!

Fotor User Interface

Wild Chocobo

See the original assignment.

I just love my little desk chocobo! I could not resist taking a picture of him for this assignment!

The chocobo is a bird that can be mounted like a horse. It is a fantasy animal from the Final Fantasy Series.

In the games, chocobos can be found in the wild. This photo is like finding a chocobo in the wilderness of my own room!

The process of making this picture is explained below.

First, I unashamedly copied another student’s photograph, and cut out the instagram border for use in my photograph.

The other half of the process was taking a photograph of the chocobo on my desk.

I then combined the two images into one (using Microsoft Pain), and viola, a wild chocobo encountered on my desk!