Week 9

Radio Show Evaluations

Required Assignment:

Web Assignments:

Evaluation of Rachel Stanford:

Rachel did a great job. She spoke about wedding rings and how they are used differently across cultures. She has plenty of content to talk about throughout her segment, and had plenty of whimsical music in the background to keep the segment going. She inflected her voice a lot which helped overall. She did way better than I did!

Quality of audio sound:

volume was appropriate
levels were event
sound was clear / slight imperfect microphone noise

Quality of audio editing:

use of effects / good
transitions / good
clean edits

Use of sound effects:

they were used well. mostly as whimsical tunes between segments

Use of music:

not distracting
used during transitions

Does the show have a structure?:

the show has a structure. all segments were very whimsical, including commercials

Does it tell a story effectively?:

it tells various stories effectively.
not very dramatic, but still catchy

If you would rate this radio show, how many stars out of five would you give to the show:

5 stars

The Required Assignment!

Here is the original assignment.

I don’t think of myself as being artistic. It was a challenge finding a photo to manipulate in various ways. I ended up choosing to photograph my Arduino Uno and an accompanying breadboard.

The original image

Raspberry Pi Uno


The first idea I had was to overlay the ‘Operation’ board game. This could be an effective way of playing the game, should you have written a sufficiently intelligent program. If this device were being used on an actual patient, I would be hesitant to trust any program!


Good looks

I then wanted to superimpose the Arduino into a model’s hand, as if to market this technology with good looks! Usually these tech toys appeal to geeks, but there may be an untapped marked of those who enjoy the good looks of men and women!


And that’s all the creativity I could muster. Pathetic, I know.

The process behind making these images:

  1. Take a photograph of something in your house.
  2. Google images online that complement your image.
  3. Merge them together using a program like Paint or Photoshop.
  4. Write a blog post that describes the process you used to make your images (recursive, this will never end).

Thanks for reading!