Buffer Overflow!!!

No one will understand this except for the true nerds. Here is the original assignment.

Basically, the story behind this photograph is that I am a huge nerd. I made traffic signs that appeal to programmers. The reason the signs are yellow is because yellow indicates caution.

The ‘<<‘ and ‘>>’ are shift operators in the C++ programming language. What they do is move memory ‘left’ and ‘right’. This can be dangerous if the memory is pushed out of its assigned boundaries, causing either an underflow of data (loss of data), or an overflow (loss of data integrity and potential corruption of nearby memory).

Boy would it be handy to be able to spot situations in a program when the buffers might overflow! These features are now common in static analysis tools.

The process behind this photograph is described below:

I used PAINT. Microsoft Paint. I drew two diamonds, and colored them yellow. I found a png image of a ‘<‘ symbol online, pasted it into paint, and copied the image until I had produced the overflow sign.

Afterward, I reflected the image and produced the underflow sign. I then added text to both signs, and saved the final product! Simply amazing.