The Vignelli Canon

Here is a link to The Vignelli Canon.

This book explains design from a life’s worth of experience.

Design is broken down into three core components: the syntax, semantics, and pragmatism. In order to craft a magnificent work, a deep understanding of all three is required. Syntax is the typeface, fonts, illustrations, and grid. Semantics is how you use the syntax to achieve something greater than the sum of the parts. Pragmatism is attaching meaning to an otherwise semantically and syntactically correct work.

Timelessness. How is it one creates a long lasting design? Primary shapes and colors are a start toward this goal, but what gives a design that extra flavor? Often it is the message of the design that should triumph over it’s mere presentation. If at all possible, the presentation should be completely transparent as to expose the core message. This is one way of attempting to achieve timelessness.

This reading was extremely interesting!  I learned that things such as publication size and grid lines play heavily into a well-received design. Although an art, much of design follows familiar approaches and tried-and-true methods.

Audio Storytelling

What did I learn this week?

I learned how to record sounds from my computer, appreciate radio, and not much else.

What did you struggle with?

Not going insane. It’s a pain to edit audio and enjoy the process.

At first I struggled with obtaining the sound files I wanted to use. Having a soundboard wasn’t enough to import the audio into Audacity. To get the files, I acquired some free software tools to redirect the audio output to the microphone input of my computer.

Pretty early on, I determined that I would only be completing one of the required 3 audio assignments. Ain’t no one got time for that shit. I picked a 4 star assignment so it would be hard to determine whether I had completed half of the required work, or one third of the required work. I’m rooting for half.

Hopefully I’ll get another 70. 😀

What ideas/exercises were most challenging or interesting?

I like the idea of audio storytelling, but it seems to require a lot of love for what you do. Ira Glass sucked at it until he was a decade or so into his career. This means I can suck now, right?


What is it?
A flow of thoughts,
Captivating the observer,
Entertainment, a waste of time.

There is no right or wrong answer,
Only a concept of what story means.
To not know what to expect,
Even as an expert.

A source of knowledge,
A place to love,
A dream to live,
And all is realizable.

What isn’t storytelling?
Let’s explore…

Digital Storytelling

How far have we come?
To continue on in tradition,
And evolve our communication.

The journey is endless…
An endless road.

What are we but interconnected lovers?
Driven to share and learn,
And discover ourselves from within others.

We begin a journey each day,
Not alone, but with others,
To unearth the essence of story.

Two smiling kids. They are very happy.

To never know, but to constantly explore,
And unite in our understanding,
That we may carry on, forever.