5 Photo Flickr

I created a story using images from Flickr.

In order to find these images, I used Five Card Flickr. This web application allows for the creation of a custom story that utilizes 5 images from Flickr.

A web application called Five Card Flickr that allows for the creation of a narrative about 5 Flickr images that the user selects from a random allotment.

Five random Flickr images are generated. You are to choose 1 image. Upon choosing the image, five new images appear. You must continue selecting 1 image until you have selected all fiveĀ images.

You are then given an opportunity to craft a narrative that coincides with the selected images.

The screen that displays when finished creating a Five Card Flickr. Displays the narrative alongside the 5 chosen Flickr photos.

Upon finishing, you are given the URL that you creation may be publicly viewed from. You are also given a HTML code that can be put on a website.

To further tailor to my needs, I altered the given HTML. I centered the images and authorship citations, and relocated the text so that it appears between each picture (not all at the end).

Create your own narrative today!