Ready, set, design blitz!


ColorThe green of the grasses and plants is all-encompassing. A bird’s eye view of an otherwise boring image. The prominence of a base color is what stands out in this photo.



My neighbor’s house. A completely yellow house, with one side window. They can peer out into the world from this humble abode.

Use of Space

Use of SpaceA A seating area for a family. The chairs are concisely located such to provide for a good bonding. All while maintaining a view over the nearby lands.


A hanging birdhouse, suspended by a metal hook. The background was quite dense, so a blue effect helps the subject stand out. Balance.

Mindless Photography

Pay Attention to the Moment:

My girlfriend and I went to Jolly Roger’s water-park in Ocean City, Maryland. I had brought along my Nikon D5100 to take some photos. Below is a picture of a giant bucket of water being dumped. The bucket is a pirate’s head, to fit the theme of the park.

Water pouring out from a pirate's head

I took the picture with a shutter speed of 1/320 of a second. This fast shot made it easy to see the water particles individually. If the picture had been taken with a longer shutter, the water would have appeared stream-like. Because I took the photo with a short shutter, I had to compensate with a higher aperture. This was not hard to do, however, since it was incredibly bright out!

Look to the light

Later on that day, we relaxed at the house by eating pizza. The adventure was nearing its end.

Lindsay eating pizza in bed

The lighting in the room was warm, providing calm tones. Some areas in the room were darker than others, though. A higher ISO was needed to boost the overall visibility. The picture didn’t suffer from grain, however.

Put a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background

During the school week, y friend photo-bombed me as I tried take a picture of assigned readings for a class. Foregrounds can really transform an otherwise ordinary picture!