About me

Hi everyone.

I’m Chris. I develop software. This is a picture of me:



All of my life, I have thought of myself as being an INTJ. Online tests for years would confirm this. I would have many strong opinions and would expect society to conform to them. I found it hard to break from these ideas because society would reinforce my intelligence.

It’s hard to realize that you need help when you are always getting A’s.

Over the years at Mary Washington, I’ve learned to realize my inadequacies. Yes, I am smart, but how much am I contributing to society. What use is the knowledge that is confined inside my head? What about those around me who I see struggling? How can I use what I know to help the world?

I’ve changed a lot lately. I now classify myself as an INFP. I understand that I alone cannot enact change in the world. People will listen only to those who truly captivate them — through this inspiration, they can achieve wonders. I want to be a part of this larger puzzle.


I love to read books. I can’t read novels, though. My favorite books of all time are Peopleware, The Deadline, and Code Complete. These books all have to do with the field of Software Engineering.

I love spending time with my girlfriend Lindsay. We’ve been together for over 3 years now. Unlike me, she is a good writer, and is pursuing a Creative Writing degree at George Mason University. Here is a picture of her:


My least favorite hobby is video gaming. Having said that, I spend a good portion of my hobby time playing these games. I consider it a form of addiction, unfortunately. I’m working to reduce the number of hours spent gaming so I can devote more time to my other hobbies.


As a software developer, I spend much of the day sitting at a desk and writing high-quality code. I also spend time communicating with the team. I love to encourage best practices and change within my organization.

If you’re curious, the code I write has a lot to do with missile launches and the data that comes from them. The work is somewhat stressful; however, it is not bad when working alongside other determined engineers. This is what it sounds like where I work:

A New Beginning

I plan to have a great semester in Digital Studies 106. Below is a tweet that is binary representation of the phrase “Hello World”.

Continuation of Ideas

It’s hard to let go of bad habits.
I find myself weak at times, wasting away, with no clear intentions.
Mindless indulgence, a disease for those who want only to give.
Tuning the system of life is the hardest challenge.

I know that life isn’t all about software and technical skills.
People are the heart of all toil.
It is not I who will do great things.
We will do great for each other and for the world.

It is only through sharing that we can truly develop and self-actualize.
I wish to share more over the semester.
Art and expression are the key.