Technological Twins

Once upon a time, there were two twins named Larry and Sam. Larry loves all sorts of technologies, including computers, TVs, phones and smartwatches! Sam, on the other hand, appreciates technologies, but is not madly in love with them.

Devices that Larry owns

Larry lives his life on the bleeding-edge. Whenever a new device releases, he is the first person in line to receive it. His friends call him The Tech Whisperer, as he has an ability to operate all kinds of technologies.

Larry is in need of the latest & greatest devices

Sam, on the other hand, does not live on the bleeding-edge. He lives more simply, having only one device at his disposal. This device is cherished by Sam, as he uses it to actualize his ideas. It is the device of his dreams, and he could never give it away.

Sam’s only device, his trusted laptop

Along with collecting devices, Larry also enjoys collecting software, most notably video games! He goes through several a week, as there are always new ones available to consume. He especially loves the horror variety, as they keep him on his edge of his seat.

Sam does not play games as religiously as Larry; rather, he spends his time thinking of how to solve the world’s problems with the help of his precious laptop. He shares what he learns with his friends on the internet, and constantly seeks to improve his working knowledge of technologies.

The life of Larry and Sam are similar, yet different. They both are in love with technologies; however, both interact with them in vastly different ways. Larry is always in need of ‘the next big thing’, while Sam is happy with the devices he currently has. It’s hard to say which brother is living a more fulfilling life, as they are both having incredible fun.

In the end, Larry and Sam both lived rewarding lives. Larry became a bit more like Sam, while Sam became a bit more like Larry. It turns out that both brothers worked to help each other improve in areas they were weak in. They both agreed that it did not matter what there current circumstances were, so long as they would make the effort to improve themselves in the long run.