Technological Twins (Media)

5 pictures + Waldo (3 stars)

Devices that Larry owns

The media captures several instances of technology that Larry possesses. The media was found online and the images were strung together into a Flickr album. Waldo was put into the image of the TV, as per required by the Remix aspect of the challenge.

Larry is in need of the latest & greatest devices

Video Game Sound Effects + Make it Pink (6.5 stars)

The sound effects were all obtained from Sound Bible. I combined the sound effects by using Audacity. I changed the times that the sounds played so that it sounded like a scene from a video game, having a character load a shotgun, then firing at some demon. Laser beams then followed suite, potentially killing the demon. The SoundCloud widget was colored pink to honor the Make it Pink remix assignment.

Wanted Poster + Mustache (5 stars)

The poster was created using this wanted poster generator. The poster features high-end devices as being ‘WANTED’. The reward is ‘unlimited’,  as it seems to Larry, but in reality, the devices will become obsolete at some future point. A mustache was added to one of the devices to honor the Mustache remix assignment.

Motivational Poster + The Opposer (5 stars)

The poster was created using this demotivational poster generator. The poster features an image of laptop together with the standard demotivational aesthetic, including a black background and the standard font in all capital letters. The showing of a simple laptop, combined with the text of ‘simplicity’, establishes the notion of the caption. Could someone live with just one device?

Sam’s only device, his trusted laptop