How To Be Demotivational

Here is the original assignment.

I used a Demotivational Poster Generator to create my own demotivational poster.

Step 1 – Visit The Site

You will see the following interface. This is the default template for a demotivational poster. The tools on the right side of the screen allow for the toggling and customization of various settings.

The default interface

Step 2 – Acquire An Image

This will be the centerpiece of the demotivational poster. Download an image online, or acquire an image you have on your personal media.


Step 3 – Upload The Image

Do this by clicking Upload Image, located at the top right of the interface. You then select the image from the file explorer of your computer, and click Open.

Upload Image
Uploading an image on Windows

Step 4 – Modify Title & Caption

Do this by entering text into the corresponding fields in the interface titled Title of Poster and Caption.

To see the changes you’ve made, click Update Text, located at the bottom of the interface.

After Upload
Title and caption have been modified

Step 5 – Alter Orientation (optional)

Do this by clicking on the Orientation buttons, located near the top right of the interface.

The option P (Portrait) rearranges the poster to be narrower, while the option L (Landscape) rearranges the poster to be wider.

The poster in portrait mode

Step 6 – Modify Font & Colors (optional)

Do this by clicking on the corresponding buttons on the interface. For example, you may turn the standard white font & border colors to red, as pictured below.

The font may be changed by selecting a new font on the Font drop-down. For example, you may change the font from Standard to Army, as pictured below.

Adjusting Settings
Poster with modified font & border colors

Step 7 – Download & Sharing

You are finished editing your poster! Click Share or Download Parody to initiate the download sequence. You must then click Download immediately afterward. You also have the option to share the poster on Twitter.

Download Parody


Here is the final image:


Thanks for reading! Good luck on creating your own demotivational poster!