The Dinosaur Before Time

Here is the original assignment.

Have you ever gone out to see a new movie, but were surprised to find out that it was similar to one you had seen before? Many movies are created in the image of previous ones, as it is supremely difficult to generate novel ideas.

Released this past week was The Good Dinosaur, a film by Disney Pixar. The film had reminded me of movies I had watched when I was a kid, The Land Before Time.

These movies featured the adventures of kid-dinosaurs through scenarios of drought, migration and more. They were really fun to watch because the tones were lighthearted, although serious at times. The characters each had unique personalities, and each had developed to become a stronger character by the end of the movie.

In The Good Dinosaur, the protagonist (Arlo) reminded me a lot of the main character from The Land Before Time (Little Foot). Both characters are feeble brontosauruses who had a lot of developing to do. They are both swept away into adventure, and both end up protecting their loved ones in dramatic fashion.

Below is a mashup image of the two movies.

The Good Dinosaur / The Land Before Time


  1. Find 2 images online that you would like to combine into 1.
  2. Open up an graphics-editor program such as Microsoft Paint.
  3. Paste both images into the editor.
  4. Re-size / align the images.
  5. Save the newly composed image.

Screenshot of Paint

That’s it! Enjoy!