Utada Mania

Here is the original assignment.

Utada Hikaru is an international pop artist who has greatly influenced my life. I was first exposed to her music when I had played the popular video game Kingdom Hearts. This game featured the song “Simple and Clean”, which was an English rendition of her Japanese hit “Hikari”. Since then, I’ve listened to many of her songs.

Utada Hikaru

Utada is special to me because I can sense her passion through her music. She sings in a way that most other artists would not try to. All of her songs are very positive and uplifting; even the songs that are about negative issues seem to be positively wrapped.

The songs I love most by Utada are the ones I feel she has poured the most emotion into. One song, The Flavor of Life, had been 2nd on the international charts. When I had first heard the song, I did not like it as much because it was so slow, but the more I listened to it, I realized that it was slow because she had packed so much emotion into each word. This song has helped me become a better person.

Another aspect of her that I like is that she is able to sing very well live. Only recently did I discover that she had videos of her concerts on YouTube. I was surprised to see that she had sung on MTV in 2001, back when I was only in elementary school and before I knew her.

I also love Utada for her simplicity. Although she is very famous, many of her music videos showcased her performing mundane tasks such as washing the dishes, listening to music from her computer, and dancing. I get the sense that she is a genuinely nice person who is not much different than normal people.

I enjoy how she imbues English into her Japanese songs. Her first major hit, First Love, goes back-and-forth between the two languages. One aspect I enjoy when listening to Utada is that I don’t have to know the lyrics to create meaning from her songs. Simply listening to her is a new experience each day.


To make this video, I used Window Movie Maker. This software can be downloaded to a Windows machine for free by downloading Windows Essentials.

I found clips of Utada that I liked from YouTube. To download the video, I used savefrom, which allows you to download any YouTube video in multiple output formats. After having downloaded the videos, I then dragged each video onto Windows Movie Maker.

Next, I rearranged the videos so that they were in an order I approved of. I then  added transitions between each video to make the piece look nice. I made sure to have each video fade in and fade out, so that the transitions would be less harsh. After that, I added an introduction and credits and modified the text. Finally, I exported the piece by clicking File -> Save Movie.

That’s it!