Dream Vacation

Here is the original assignment.

Oh, vacation. How infrequent this word is spoken. Everyone else seems to be on an eternal vacation while we are working away. If time could stop for a moment, I would go on such a wondrous journey.

First, I would travel to very remote locations, such as these…

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I’d like to see city life, nature, and a combination of the two. Cities are cool because there is a high potential for ideas to come to fruition. Nature is cool because it is a stress-free environment that can let the mind wander.

Then I would eat wondrous food. Healthy food, of course. I would like to live a long life, at least long enough to make it through the vacation.

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I’ll eat most of anything, but I’d prefer healthier food if at all possible. It tastes just as good and doesn’t have any unwanted after-effects!

Alas, I could not go for long without toying around with gadgets. Although void of meaning, they sure are addicting!

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Computers are hard to get away from in this day and age. It’s best to learn to live alongside them and make the most use out of them as possible.


To complete this assignment, I had to use Pinterest.

I made an account, then searched for travel locations. I ‘pinned’ these locations into a ‘board’ so that later I could create a widget to display them in my post.


I then searched for ‘healthy food’, which came up with lots of green images. I pinned some of the tastier looking results.

Lastly, I searched for ‘computers’, which resulted in many gizmos popping up. I pinned a couple.

I created a widget for each board, and embedded it into my post.

That’s it!