Chad Koder

Here is the original assignment.

What a cool guy, Chad Koder.

The man who was born knowing how to develop software. He had never spent a day at school; rather, he spent his time researching online.

He is trying to leave Google to work someplace else; his friends and family have questioned his motives, “why leave one of the best companies?”.

Koder believes he can take over the world and will stop at nothing to become the best there is on Earth!

Here is Chad Koder’s resume.


To create this resume, I used Microsoft Word.

I used a built in template that Microsoft Word provides. To use a template, go to File -> New, then select the Resume category, and then select a template.

Chad Koder Resume

All I had to do was remove fields that I didn’t think were applicable, and add content to the remaining fields.

Finally, I saved the file as a PDF in order to guarantee the visual integrity of the work.

That’s it! Good luck!