Car Love

My girlfriend and I would always watch the Cartoon Network show Regular Show. We liked the show a lot, so we named our cars after two of the characters.

My car Mordecai is on the left, while her car Benson is on the right. Below are our two cars ‘kissing’.

Mordecai and Margaret

Below are the characters from the show. You may have seen them before.


Moredecai from Regular Show





You might have been picturing Benson and Moredcai kissing instead. I’ve got your covered with an image I found online.

Mordecai and Benson kissing


Anyway, this post created in order to satisfy an a visual assignment found here. We had to take a photograph, and omit all colors in it except for one or two spots that we wanted to stand out.

I chose this picture because it was one of the only pictures I had taken that had two pure colors. My other pictures were very patterned and did not have an interesting subject to make stand out.

In order to make this “color splash” technique, I used the website Fotor. This site allows you to do all sorts of image editing from within your web browser.

To create the splash effect, I uploaded my photo to Fotor, clicked the effects tab on the left, then clicked the “Color Splash” effect. I then chose to make a high contrast background, and finally had to trace the parts of the image I wanted to have color.

Below is a screenshot of the user-interface of Fotor. Thanks for reading!

Fotor User Interface