Dude, where’s my tar?

September 11, 2015

Remember that movie with Ashton Kutch-tar?

“Dude, where’s my tar?”
“It’s right there dude. Use the hidden switch.”

The execution of the GNU tar command, saving the tar output as a hidden directory. The terminal user then questions, "Dude, where is my tar?"


August 30, 2015

Here are my social-media accounts: TwitterFlickr, YouTube, SoundCloud.

Here is a link to my introductory page: About Me.

How well do I feel I completed the requirements of this week’s assignment?

I created a page titled “About Me”. The page has embedded media from the following sites: Flickr, SoundCloud, and Twitter. I also wrote about myself.
I believe I fulfilled the challenge of introducing myself.

What gave you trouble?

It takes a lot of time for me to generate content.

What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed sharing information about my personality.

What did you learn?

It’s too early for me to know whether I have learned and/or will retain knowledge from today.

What could you have done differently?

I could have written in a different style; however, I’m trying to write genuinely.

Do you have any questions?

No. Do you?

What are some of the larger issues surrounding your work? Are there cultural or societal implications?

My one true desire is to help others believe in themselves so that they may live contently and with success.

Commentary on Setting Up your Domain and Social media

I had already set up a domain over the summer. I used this domain instead of creating one on domain-of-one’s-own. I do, however, have a domain-of-one’s-own domain already. It is here.

As for the social media sites, it was not hard to set them up. I found it interesting that Flickr’s only form of authentication is through a Yahoo account. Haha.

Venturing Into Cross Platform Development With Xamarin

June 28, 2015

Today a buddy of mine and I set forth to creating a cross platform project. We are using Xamarin, a technology that will allow us to deploy the the iOS and Android platforms. One of the coolest features of Xamarin is the ability to write all of the cross platform applications using one programming language: C#.

We began the day by downloading a sample application from Xamarin. The app was a simple shopping app that allows the user to obtain a free T-Shirt from the company. How could we resist downloading this application? I was even able to find an Easter Egg within the application that allowed me to receive a free stuffed monkey. A FREE STUFFED MONKEY!!! Simply amazing.

I spent sometime looking through the source of the application. The code was elegant beyond belief. Functional programming techniques were spread throughout an object oriented design. Each line of code seemed to have been perfected. Someday I hope to be able to write code as elegant as theirs. First I have to learn the idioms of developing with Xamarin.

In the middle of the day, I spent my time researching threading. I found a video learning series on pluralsight.com that discussed threads. The videos I watched had the famous Jon Skeet who is all over StackOverflow.com. It was fun to watch, but it did get technical very quickly. Thank you C# compiler for saving me from creating state machines to manage async states.

I spent the later part of the day practicing the basics of iOS and Android development with Xamarin. I was able to deploy to both virtual and physical devices from both platforms. I was even able to deploy from a Windows machine to a Mac machine to launch apps on my iPod.

Stay tuned for more.

Beginning a New Project

June 21, 2015

We’ve all been there before: File -> New Project. Today I conversed with two friends of mine about beginning to develop an Android application. We have never worked with Android before, and have only had a few years of formal programming experience.

Our goal is to learn Android by creating a tutorial-like application that shows off features of the platform. Some features we may implement are: File I/O, Persistent Data Storage, Haptic Feedback, Audio/Video demos, Data Entry and more!

Before we get into development, however, we need to analyze the project at hand. How often will the members of our team meet? Will we meet in person, or virtually? What specific features do we want to implement? What version control software will we use? IDE? Our first task for our project will be to answer these questions.

Tune in next time.

First Post

May 14, 2015

Trial run of a blogging site. Who knows how well this could turn out.